Benefits Boxes

The Benefits Box component is designed to highlight a product, service, or capability's core value propositions to prospective customers. The component is always set up in a 2-column layout, with the left side containing the core benefits, and right column with additional details. Background colors are used to distinguish the content from other areas of the page.

Screenshot of Existing Site


Screenshot of AEM Author Touch UI


Author Instructions

Insert the Image Content Block at the Parsys-level.

To configure the container:

  1. Click inside the component to configure the container.
  2. Configure the background color (Green, Blue, etc.) of the columns.
  3. Add optional title and description for the container.
  4. Select the checkmark to commit your changes.

To configure each benefit box:

  1. Select the column you wish to edit.
  2. Enter the headline for the box
  3. Select the heading type (h2/H3) based on live site.
  4. Select alignment based on live site.
  5. Select whether to use the Checkmark or Small Bullet
  6. Add the appropriate number of items.
  7. Paste the copy for each bullet/checkmark.
  8. Select the checkmark to commit changes.
  9. Repeat for the second column.

AEM Component (Actual)

Optional Title

Optional Description