Event Tile

The Event Tile component is used to showcase Webinars and Events on Experian's corporate sites.

Screenshot of Existing Site


Screenshot of AEM Author Touch UI


Author Instructions

The Event Tile is nested within the Columns component. 

  1. Insert Columns component with two columns set up
  2. In the respective column, double-click to insert component.
  3. Select Event Tile
  4. Double-click on the new component to edit or use Tool icon.
  5. Select the Jellybeans, such as Attending, Speaking etc. based on live site.
  6. Enter the event date, or start date, if more than one day.
  7. Enter the event location, if applicable.
  8. Enter the title of the event.
  9. Enter event description.
  10. Select the Add Button checkmark to add CTA
  11. Insert the CTA copy, alt text, and URL.
  12. Click Checkmark to commit changes.

AEM Component (Actual)

attending speaking

12 July 2019 - Experian

Malaga Demo

Description of the event.