Commercial resilience in an uncertain world

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Commercial resilience in an uncertain world

Notwithstanding the unprecedented situation that makes it difficult to define short-and long-term strategies, we can already reflect on findings and consequent strategies in order to prepare for action and be ready to finetune the approach as the situation evolves.

We try to answer to the questions that all the businesses are now asking:

- How can I manage my existing portfolio of clients in a strategic and profitable way at the same time?

- How can I generate new business given the current situation?

This paper contains some reflections based on Experian global reach that helps us pick up trends and best practices form markets that faced earlier then others the acute effects of the crisis

Discover what are the lessons learnt and what can we expect in the next future

About the Author

Cristina Lacob

Commercial Strategy Director | Experian

Cristina leads the Commercial Strategy team across Italy, Balkans, Turkey and Middle East and as such she manages the go-to-market for Experian’s most innovative propositions. Cristina engages with customers for proof of concepts and co-creation, she manages market needs validations and advises on the roadmap development based on client feedback. Before joining Experian, she has worked in management consulting dedicated to Financial Services and ICT practices. Cristina has extensive international exposure as she has lived and worked in 4 countries.

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